Lista totale delle pagine categoria Soprannomi

·  Bighead Boy (Percy)
·  Codaliscia (Peter Minus)
·  Colui che non deve essere nominato (Voldemort)
·  Crackpot / Pazzo (Harry Potter)
·  dung brains (Ron Weasley)
·  Felpato (Sirius Black) (anche Felpato)
·  Forge (George Weasley)
·  Gred (Fred Weasley)
·  grindylow (PA8).
·  Humongous Bighead (Percy)
·  Il famoso Harry Potter e il suo fedele braccio destro Weasly (Harry e Ron) (anche the famous Harry Potter and his faithful sidekick Weasly)
·  long-haired pillock (Bill Weasley)
·  Loony Loopy Lupin (Remus Lupin)
·  Lord Thingy (Voldemort)
·  lousy, biased scumbag (Igor Karkaroff¨)
·  Lunastorta (Remus Lupin) (anche Moony)
·  Malandrini (James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Minus)
·  Malocchio (Alastor Moody)
·  my sweet (Miss Purr)
·  Patronus Potter (Harry Potter)
·  Patronus Potter (Harry Potter)
·  pea-brain (Troll di Montagna)
·  Perfect Percy (Percy)
·  Phlegm (Ginny Weasley)
·  Piccolo furetto nervosetto (Draco Malfoy) (anche twitchy little ferret)
·  Pinhead (Percy)
·  Potty and the Weasel (Harry e Ron)
·  potty wee Potter (Harry Potter)
·  Pretty Boy Diggory (Cederic Diggory)
·  Ramoso (James Potter)
·  rat droppings, humongous pile of (Percy)
·  Re Weasel (Ron Weasley) (anche Weasel King)
·  Ron - Ron (Ron Weasley) (anche Won-Won)
·  Roonil Wazlib (Ron Weasley)
·  Sfegiato (Harry Potter)
·  Signore Oscuro (Voldemort)
·  Sir Properly-Decapitated Podmore (Sir Nicholas)
·  Snivellus (Severus Snape) Snivelly
·  Stingers (Fan dei Wimbourne Wasps)
·  Tartufo (Sirius Black)
·  the elephant man (Hagrid)
·  Tu-sai-chi (Voldemort)
·  unrecorded nasty names (Minerva McGranitt)
·  Voldy-cosa (Voldemort) (anche Voldything)
·  Weatherby (Percy)
·  Your Wheezy (Ron Weasley)