Granger, Sig. e Sig.ra

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Hermione’s parents are Muggle dentists (PS12). They are very proud of their brilliant daughter, but they don’t seem much of her since she took up with those two boys, Potter and Weasley. The Grangers, while accepting the Wizarding world and their daughter´s place in it, do not approve of using magic for quick fixes. They insisted, for example, that Hermione´s somewhat oversized front teeth be dealt with in the usual way: with braces. They send healthy snacks by owl to Hermione at Hogwarts and come with her to Diagon Alley in August to help her buy her things for school. What they tell their family and friends about their daughter and her school is anyone´s guess, but they are certainly proud of her.
In the summer of 1997, Hermione became worried for her parents´ safety. Hermione knew that Death Eaters would be looking for her and would have no compunction against harming her family. Hermione thoughtfully protected her parents from reprisals by modifying their memories, giving them new names (Wendell and Monica Wilkins) and no memory that they once had a daughter, and then relocated them to Australia (DH6). When Voldemort and his forces were vanquished, she found them again and reversed her memory charm (BLC).

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