Strange stairways & weird doors

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Strange stairways
Weird doors

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▪ One with a trick step halfway up - your foot sinks into it (GF12, 25 )
▪ The staircase up to Dumbledore's office moves magically upward, like an escalator (CS11, OP22, DH36)
▪ Although the films show a huge hall filled floor to ceiling with moving staircases, the books only mention one. It is refered to as "the swivelling staircase", which suggests that it's the only one (OP32). There is mention, however, of staircases that lead someplace different on different days (PS8).

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Weird doors link

▪ the huge oak front doors of Hogwarts are apparently semi-sentient, because Flitwick taught them to recognize a picture of Sirius Black so that they could refuse to let him enter the castle (PA9)

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