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Supposizioni, teorie, approfondimenti
·  10 volte in cui i Film di Harry Potter hanno reso giustizia ai libri
·  20 teste sono meglio di una: 1000 anni di Presidi
·  7 Harry Potter Concepts That Actually Exist, Thanks To Science By Varia Fedko
·  A theory as to the nature and functioning of Divination by Paul Dionne
·  An Analysis of the Battle of the Department of Mysteries , June 1996 by Kendall Smiley
·  An Attempt at a Model for the Physics of Magic by Dr. Immo Garrn
·  An Elegantly Woven Tapestry (PA) by Amy Z
·  Anagrammi dei nomi in Harry Potter by Cassandra Porter
·  Ancient Magic: Magic from Before the Dawn of Time? by Steve Vander Ark
·  Another View of Magic, Genes, and Pure Blood by Professor Koniphorus Swamp
·  Astronomia nella serie di Harry Potter by Mike Weinstein (anche Astronomy in the Harry Potter Series by Mike Weinstein)
·  Attori comuni tra Harry Potter e Doctor Who by Steve Pik
·  British Schooling in the 1970s Diana Summers
·  Celestina Warbeck by J.K. Rowling
·  Che cosa c'era prima dell'Espresso per Hogwarts? by Owen de Lyon
·  Che lingua si parla a Durmstrang? by Eric Oppen
·  Cibo e bevande nell' universo di Harry Potter by Susanna/pigwidgeon37
·  Collocazione Di Luna Nella Cerchia Più Ampia Degli Amici by Antosha
·  Coppe del Mondo di Quidditch dal 1990 al 2014 by J.K. Rowling (anche Quidditch World Cup from 1990 to 2014 by J.K. Rowling)
·  Creature scoperte nei Trailer di Animali Fantastici
·  Descriptive Words in the Harry Potter Books by Rrishi Raote
·  Did Dumbledore Set Up Events So That Harry Would Go After the PS? by Micheal Hagel
·  Divination: Two Approaches by Estelle Daniels
·  Dolores Umbridge by J.K. Rowling
·  Draco Malfoy by J.K. Rowling
·  Dumbledore vivens Snapeque bonamicus by Denis Howarth
·  Dumbledore’s Hand In One Last Legal Loophole by D.B. Fwoopersong
·  Echoes of the Past: Street Names of Little Whinging by Nik the Hermit
·  Elfi domestici in Harry Potter e i Doni della Morte by Leanne Bruno (anche House-Elves in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by Leanne Bruno)
·  Fanny e Godric Grifondoro di Phyllis D. Morris (anche Fawkes and Gryffindor by Phyllis D. Morris)
·  Fantasmi di Hogwarts by Mike Gray (anche Hogwarts Ghosts by Mike Gray)
·  First Forays into the Black Family Tree, by Sylvie Augustus
·  Friendship in Harry Potter Harry Potter and Philosophy (cover) by Harald Thorsrud
·  Generations in the Wizarding World by Ebony AKA AngieJ
·  Genes and Appearance in Animagi by Professor Koniphorus Swamp
·  George Weasley: un amico oltre che un mattacchione by Steve Pik
·  Gilderoy Allock by J.K. Rowling
·  Ginny Weasley, Why? by Water Witch
·  Ginny Weasley: Sorella minore, migliore amica by Tabouli (anche Ginny Weasley: Baby Sister, Best Friend by Tabouli)
·  Ginny Weasley: Una Grifondoro e una Compagna Perfetta per Harry. [Original: Ginny Weasley: A Gryffindor and a Match for Harry by Tim Lambarski]
·  Godric's Hollow è in Galles? (anche Is Godric's Hollow in Wales? by Steve Vander Ark)
·  Grafico della Nascita Astrologico di Harry Potter by Witherwings (anche Harry Potter Astrological Birth Chart by Witherwings)
·  Harry e gli Horcrux di Megan Bostelmann (anche Harry and the Horcruxes by Megan Bostelmann)
·  Harry Potter and Me (Documentario BBC)
·  Harry Potter and the Good Life by WEB LINKSteven S. Tigner
·  Harry Potter in London by Quentin Lowagie
·  Harry Potter's Magic by Alan Jacobs
·  Harry Potter: Pureblood, Half-Blood, or Mudblood? by Philip Nel
·  Harry Potter: 23 Domande rimaste senza Risposta
·  Harry Potter: The Truest Gryffindor of All? by Phyllis D. Morris
·  Harry's Dreams
·  Harry's Things by Morag Traynor
·  High Fidelity: How does the Fidelius Charm work? by Anna L. Black
·  History of the Ministry
·  How Do Duels Work? by Hugo Costa Paes
·  How Does a Scarlet Stream Train Travel Without Being Seen? by Steve Vander Ark
·  How Many Students Are There At Hogwarts? by Steve Vander Ark
·  How Safe is Privet Drive? by Jen Reese
·  How should be wizard fashion? By Lordddorian
·  I Fantasmi di Hogwarts e il Velo By Caleel
·  I limiti della Magia (anche The Limits of Magic by Caius Marcius)
·  I Mangiamorte possono Volare?
·  Il linguaggio dei Fiori in Harry Potter
·  Il numero sei by Michele L. Worley (anche The Number Six by Michele L. Worley)
·  Il Numero Sette by Michele L. Worley
·  Ilvermorny - La scuola di Magia e Stregoneria del Nord-America By Caleel
·  Imagi(c)nation in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by Connie Ann Kirk
·  In Search of . . . Grimmauld Place by Ravenclaw Rambler
·  In Search of . . . The Burrow by Ravenclaw Rambler
·  In Search of . . . the Hut-on-the-Rock by Ravenclaw Rambler
·  In Search of Little Whinging by Ravenclaw Rambler
·  Introduction to Muggle Studies by Edis Bevan
·  Is Dobby a Communist? by Morag Traynor
·  Is Harry a Horcrux? by Stephen Haas
·  Istruzione a Hogwarts: un privilegio per pochi?
·  L'Accento di Hagrid. [Original: Hagrid's Accent by Neil Ward]
·  L'amore di Hermione per il piccolo Ronnie. (Originale: Hermione's Love for Ickle Ronniekins by Ellen Smyth)
·  La diversità come risorsa in Harry Potter e la Camera dei Segreti by Daniela Keo
·  La famiglia di Hermione di Scott
·  La Famiglia Malfoy by J.K. Rowling (anche The Malfoy family By J.K. Rowling)
·  La Professoressa McGranitt by J.K. Rowling (anche Professor McGonagall By J.K. Rowling)
·  La tragedia di Petunia by Ali Hewison (anche The Tragedy of Petunia Dursley by Ali Hewison)
·  Lo strano caso dell'Harry Potter Lexicon By Avv. Marina Lenti
·  Lo Strano uso della Pozione Polisucco in Cursed Child
·  Love and Death in Harry Potter by Paul Spilsbury
·  Lunghezza e Flessibilità delle Bacchette by J.K. Rowling (anche Wand Lengths and Flexibility by J.K. Rowling)
·  Magic, Genes, and Pure Blood by glamourousgeek
·  Magical Ability and Magic Wands by Lisa Inman
·  Magie e Incantesimi: La Natura della Magia by Amy Z (anche Spells and Charms: The Nature of Magic by Amy Z)
·  Mappa e Guida Completa ai luoghi dei film di Harry Potter
·  Mapping the Harry Potter Timeline by Troels Forchhammer
·  Marauder Era Ships: Which Ones Sailed? by hpboy13
·  Materie di studio a Hogwarts
·  More than You Ever Wanted to Know about Frog-spawn by Professor Koniphorus Swamp
·  Movement Magic by Steve Vander Ark
·  Muggle Magic by Ravenclaw Rambler
·  My Dad Didn't Strut... and Neither do I! by RemusLupinFan
·  N.E.W.T.s and O.W.L.s An explanation for non-British folks by Jenna
·  Nagini as Horcrux by Felicity
·  Neville Longbottom and Peter Pettigrew: An Experiment in Sorting
·  Nicolas Flamel and the Philosopher's Stone by Brian Dorband
·  Nuclei delle Bacchette by J.K. Rowling (anche Wand Cores by J.K. Rowling)
·  Opportunity Costs What does it profit a man to defeat the Dark Lord but lose his soul? by Alan Jacobs
·  Parallels, Shipping, and Betrayal by Calliope
·  Passaggi segreti a Hogwarts
·  Perché Harry l'ha fatto? (Original: Why Did Harry Do That? Steve Vander Ark)
·  Perchè tutti gli studenti devono andare a King's Cross? by Steve Vander Ark (anche Why Do All the Kids Have to Go to King's Cross? by Steve Vander Ark, Perchè tutti gli studenti partono da Londra?)
·  Piuma dell'Accettazione e Libro dell'Ammissione by J.K. Rowling (anche The Quill of Acceptance and The Book of Admittance By J.K. Rowling)
·  Pix by J.K. Rowling (anche Peeves by J.K. Rowling)
·  Prejudice A Great Theme of the Books by Steve Vander Ark
·  Printing in the Wizarding World by pepoluan
·  Problemi con il tempo. (Original:Troubles with Time by Steve Vander Ark)
·  Professor Raptor by J.K. Rowling (anche Professor Quirrell By J.K. Rowling)
·  Quanto costerebbe andare ad Hogwarts?
·  Quanto è grande Hogwarts? (Original: How Big Is Hogwarts? by Neil Ward)
·  Quidditch Through the (Weasleys’) Ages or, The Unusual Career of Charles Weasley by Philip Legge
·  Quirrell's Leave of Absence Melissa Erin Friedline
·  Recensione dello Spettacolo Harry Potter and the Cursed Child By Tiziano Grigioni
·  Religion in the Wizarding World by glamourousgeek
·  Remus Lupin by J.K. Rowling
·  Sensitive Writing on a Difficult Topic by Mary Jo Neyer
·  Shaken, Not Stirred: The Allegiances of a Potions Master and Spy Extraordinaire by CheshireCat
·  Showing the Location of Little Whinging by Nik the Hermit
·  Sibilla Cooman by J.K. Rowling (anche Sybill Trelawney By J.K. Rowling)
·  Sibylls, Pythia, and Prophecies by Clint Hagen
·  Signor Olivander by J.K. Rowling (anche Mr Ollivander By J.K. Rowling)
·  Snape's Change of Allegiance by Cherry
·  Snape's Eyes by Edmund M. Kern
·  Some Thoughts on House-Elves by Douglas Moran
·  Something about Hufflepuff Cup by Felicity
·  Something of Ravenclaw’s or Gryffindor’s by Felicity
·  Storia del MACUSA by J.K. Rowling (anche Storia del Magico Congresso degli Stati Uniti d'America)
·  Storia della Coppa del Mondo di Quidditch by J.K. Rowling (anche History of the Quidditch World Cup By J.K. Rowling)
·  Storia della Famiglia Potter by J.K. Rowling
·  Storia della Magia nel Nord America
·  Strange stairways & weird doors
·  Tecnologia Babbana vs. Tecnologia Magica (Original: Muggle vs. Wizarding Technology by Joywitch M. Curmudgeon)
·  That Had To Hurt… Or Did It? by Steve Vander Ark & Michele L. Worley
·  The Art of Unfinishing: Fanfiction and the Power of Storytelling by Cornelia Remi
·  The Changing Image of Grown-Ups in the Harry Potter Books by Elizabeth Dalton
·  The Complications with Memory by Suzanne Foster
·  The Curious Incident of the Flobberworm in the Night-Time by Professor Koniphorus Swamp
·  The Early Life of Tom Riddle and the Second World War by Faisal M. Ahmad
·  The Ethics of Rowling
·  The Evolving Relationship Between Harry and Hermione Penny L.
·  The Grail Hallows and Harry Potter by Bandersnatch
·  The Importance of Neville Longbottom by Douglas Moran
·  The Key to Understanding Spellwork by Paul Dionne
·  The List by Anita, Jo Mears, Pippin, Lyn J. Mangiameli & Siriusly Snapey Susan
·  The Marks of a Villain by Beth Welsh
·  The Number Twelve by Doreen Rich
·  The Put-Outer and Magic on Privet Drive by Cindysphynx
·  The Riddle of the Potions by Prefect Marcus
·  Theory about the Knight Bus
·  Those Unpredictable Defence Against the Dark Arts Professors by Louis F. Badalament
·  Thoughts About Wands by Amy Z.
·  Thoughts on Socks by Sandra L. Diersing
·  Timeline Facts and Questions
·  Tipi di Legno delle Bacchette by J.K. Rowling (anche Wand Woods by J.K. Rowling)
·  Tom Riddle - Le origini del male By Caleel
·  Top 200 most named harry potter characters
·  Tutto Ciò Che Avreste Sempre Voluto Sapere Sui Calzini by Morag Traynor
·  Una visione del Mondo Magico di Steve Vander Ark (anche A Magical Worldview by Steve Vander Ark)
·  Understanding How the Marauder's Map Works by Steven Beers
·  Uniformi della scuola di Hogwarts
·  Unifying Theory by L. Gould
·  Vanishing Magic by Steve Vander Ark
·  Vernon e Petunia Dursley by J.K. Rowling
·  Viaggio nei Luoghi di Harry Potter
·  Vuoi questo per i tuoi figli? di Steve Vander Ark (anche Would You Want This For Your Child? by Steve Vander Ark)
·  What is Magical Power in the Potterverse? by Hugo Costa PaeS
·  When Magic Meets Muggle Technology by PrefectMarcus
·  Where Are the Longbottoms From? by S. Hall
·  Where is Spinner's End? by Claire M. Jordan
·  Who Sent the Valentine? by David Frankis
·  Why Change The Triwizard Cup into a Portkey? by Trina Gabbert
·  Wizard Banking by Carlos Velasco Medina
·  Wizard Money by Anton Generalov aka “XAHrOBEP”
·  … And I Grew Up With Percy... by Susanna Luhtanen